Happy 1st year

Nothing more touching when your boyfriend surprises you with letter balloons and a cake on the eve of our first anniversary. Our agreement was to celebrate and have steak for dinner for our anniversary date. Nothing fancy since we’re short on budget. Although I would love for us to have a staycation in a hotel or have an out-of-town trip, but we chose a simple celebration to mark our first year together as a couple. However, it did not stop him to throw a surprise for me when he came home from work. Sweet guy and full of effort to make me feel special!

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Cake from Red Ribbon
First anniversary together
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Simple dinner at Italianni’s Alabang Town Center

No matter how difficult things can get, we will always choose to stick together. Our first year together was not easy. So many challenges for him and for me as individuals and as a couple. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve him because he’s just too good for me. I am someone who doesn’t deserve love because of my attitude and personality. But he pours so much effort into our relationship and he assures me every time that he’s there for me willing to love the good and the bad about me.

There have been many times in the past when we almost broke up but love and understanding always prevailed. Our decision to be together no matter the challenges worked. Everyday I find many reasons to love him more! Praying for another 365 days with him and more!