Wonderful Sunsets

People chase sunsets. More often than not, people stop what they are doing to take the perfect photograph of a fading sunset. It’s evanescent. No matter where the location is , people watch sunsets with awe as it unfolds.

Boracay Sunset

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Don’t rush to be okay

I have been wounded. Physical and emotional wounds. And I only give it time for my wounds to heal.

Floor burn after a Volleyball game

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My Rock, My Fortress


There have been many times in the past where I felt that the whole world is going to fall on me any minute. There were instances when I just wanted to disappear on the face of the Earth. Family problems, uneasiness, emptiness, financial troubles, insecurity, and that lack of direction in life have hounded me many times. I felt like giving up.

Greenbelt Chapel

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Closely compacted

Looked over my instagram feed for pictures that I want to submit to the topic “Dense” – Weekly Photo Challenge for March 29, 2017.  I don’t use the word Dense in my vocabulary and I had to google it to get the right meaning. Although I have an idea what it means but I just want to be sure. It means “closely compacted in substance” or “stupid.” Continue reading “Closely compacted”

It is easy being green

img_20170305_200728_037.jpgI became a Lasallian in Grade 6 when my mom enrolled me in La Salle Academy. We just moved from Manila to Iligan at that time and there’s no other school that we want to go to. I completed my high school in the same school.

In college, I went a different route and enrolled in Cebu Doctor’s College for pre-dentistry. But fate would only allow me to stay there for a semester. I came back in Iligan after dropping out of the school. When my sister was entering college, she wanted to study in Manila. So my family made another move from Iligan to Manila. She enrolled in De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde and took up AB Multimedia Arts. I was going to enroll to that same school right away but they could not admit me because there were no grades to compute. The admissions officer advised me to enroll in a different school and apply for admission again after a semester. I bided my time at Emilio Aguinaldo College near UN Avenue. By the time one semester was over, I enrolled in CSB and got in.  Continue reading “It is easy being green”

Say your wishes and prayers anyway

feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable; want something that cannot or probably will not happen.
a desire or hope for something to happen.

Sometimes you just stare into nothingness and you wish things were better in that moment. Like when you are stuck in heavy morning rush hour traffic and you wish you live in a country with efficient public transportation system. Putting up with 3 hours in traffic jams and realizing you wasted that much time on the road. It’s so bad for your mental health.

Or when you are burdened by problems and you just lift your gaze up the sky to pray for a solution or deliverance. So many times we have said a prayer or a wish when in an undesirable situation and that’s the least you could do sometimes.

We wish because we want something to happen. But the thing is we just do not know if they are going to be granted or not. But you say your wishes and prayers anyway.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Wish

Photo taken at SM Sea Residences pool area last January 2017

70 words per minute

Typing my way now in life 70 words per minute at a time.

Back in my second year in high school (and this was in the 90s), we had a typing class in our curriculum. I don’t remember exactly the time and day of our typing class every week was but I do remember we had to move from our homeroom to the typing room in our gymnasium building.

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