The Road Taken

Joining the Weekly Photo Challenge here on WordPress for the first time and for this week they asked to post a photo about “The Road Taken.” Something that you took that surprised or delighted you.


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Over the years, the freelance job industry is growing and booming. There are people who quit their 9-to-5 jobs and jumped into freelancing online because of the flexibility and scheduling freedom it gives. Technically, a freelancer is self-employed. But in essence when a client gives someone a job order, the client becomes the boss and the freelancer is still the employee. They are bound to deliver the task on hand in the allotted agreed deadline. Continue reading “Freelancing”

34th Birthday

So it’s my 34th birthday finally. I always get sad whenever it’s my birthday. I wonder if people ever remember me. This year I hid my birthday in my FB and inisip ko sino sa mga friends ko would remember. Turns out not many. Maybe I’d get more greetings later in the day. But I was right that people won’t remember if there is no FB notification.

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