Closely compacted

Looked over my instagram feed for pictures that I want to submit to the topic “Dense” – Weekly Photo Challenge for March 29, 2017.  I don’t use the word Dense in my vocabulary and I had to google it to get the right meaning. Although I have an idea what it means but I just want to be sure. It means “closely compacted in substance” or “stupid.” Continue reading “Closely compacted”


It is easy being green

img_20170305_200728_037.jpgI became a Lasallian in Grade 6 when my mom enrolled me in La Salle Academy. We just moved from Manila to Iligan at that time and there’s no other school that we want to go to. I completed my high school in the same school.

In college, I went a different route and enrolled in Cebu Doctor’s College for pre-dentistry. But fate would only allow me to stay there for a semester. I came back in Iligan after dropping out of the school. When my sister was entering college, she wanted to study in Manila. So my family made another move from Iligan to Manila. She enrolled in De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde and took up AB Multimedia Arts. I was going to enroll to that same school right away but they could not admit me because there were no grades to compute. The admissions officer advised me to enroll in a different school and apply for admission again after a semester. I bided my time at Emilio Aguinaldo College near UN Avenue. By the time one semester was over, I enrolled in CSB and got in.  Continue reading “It is easy being green”

Move out

This week, I find myself considering to move out of the country. While attending a workshop, I snapped this photo out the window of a high rise building. It’s a beautiful view of Bonifacio Global City, a commercial district in Metro Manila. Then it got me into thinking had I taken the move some years ago, my view would have been different now.  Continue reading “Move out”

Inconsistent Duterte

So today, a news article came out about President Duterte saying same-sex marriage will not be legalized in the Philippines while he was in Myanmar for a state visit.



This after saying in 2016 election campaigns that he would be open to legalizing same-sex marriage in the Philippines if he becomes President. Continue reading “Inconsistent Duterte”

Happy 1st year

Nothing more touching when your boyfriend surprises you with letter balloons and a cake on the eve of our first anniversary. Our agreement was to celebrate and have steak for dinner for our anniversary date. Nothing fancy since we’re short on budget. Although I would love for us to have a staycation in a hotel or have an out-of-town trip, but we chose a simple celebration to mark our first year together as a couple. However, it did not stop him to throw a surprise for me when he came home from work. Sweet guy and full of effort to make me feel special!

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Cake from Red Ribbon
First anniversary together
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Simple dinner at Italianni’s Alabang Town Center

No matter how difficult things can get, we will always choose to stick together. Our first year together was not easy. So many challenges for him and for me as individuals and as a couple. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve him because he’s just too good for me. I am someone who doesn’t deserve love because of my attitude and personality. But he pours so much effort into our relationship and he assures me every time that he’s there for me willing to love the good and the bad about me.

There have been many times in the past when we almost broke up but love and understanding always prevailed. Our decision to be together no matter the challenges worked. Everyday I find many reasons to love him more! Praying for another 365 days with him and more!

Tough Climb

Being on top is having control and power over your life. It’s something that we all aspire to achieve since we are only given one chance to live the life we want. However, I find that I am so far from living the full potential because of the many mistakes in the past. I am disappointed in myself that I fail at most things. I often tell myself that adulting is so difficult and I never expected life to be this way. I have no confidence in myself. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to bounce back.

If only there’s a rewind button so I could rewrite my life story, but there’s none so I have to carry on.

I don’t intend to be famous or ultra rich. I just want to find my place in this world where I could grow and somehow contribute a little of myself while at the same time live a comfortable life.

Still a tough climb. Path is not well-defined. Yet I want to be able to reach the part where I can say I reached the top and never gave up.

My boyfriend Dom posing for a photo on a day trip in Rizal province overlooking Laguna de Bay

Weekly Photo Challenge – Atop