Don’t rush to be okay

I have been wounded. Physical and emotional wounds. And I only give it time for my wounds to heal.

Floor burn after a Volleyball game

Carelessness. When I was a kid, I’d fall over from the bike and scratch my knees on the pavement. When I was a toddler, I fell on the ground face first and cut open a wound on my chin which required stitches.

Naivety. When I was a teenager, I didn’t know any better. I just jumped into anything that felt good without thinking about the consequences. I got hurt from other people’s actions and it definitely pierce through my heart far more painful than a physical one.

Own doing. Sometimes there are things of my own doing that hurt me. I have been lazy and hard-headed. I was too proud of myself and in a sense I lost a lot things and people in my life.

But like I said, I will just give myself time to recuperate and heal. It’s very important that I let myself feel the pain first and not escape it. Over time, you will feel desensitized from the pain and you can handle it better making you wiser from each experience.

Also, I have learned to give it to God all my pain. I offer it to Him so He can replace it with calm. To know that He embraces you despite all the scars makes a difference in the way I handle the pain. Jesus experienced all the pains from the wounds and the emotional pain too. I can be assured that He understands and feels my pain too.

Heal. We heal when we give it time. Don’t rush to be okay.


Author: carl

30 something guy blogging about his life

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