Another Food Post

I am so hooked to cooking our dinners. Like I said in my previous post Cooking It Up, I have no interest in cooking before because growing up we had house helpers who did everything for us at home.  I just know how to request for food and eat them. Now that we don’t employ a house helper anymore and I live with a boyfriend who doesn’t have any idea what to do with kitchen utensils, I was faced with the challenge of learning how to cook for our dinner everyday.

Crispy Fried Pork and Eggplant Salad

I just watch my favorite youtuber Vanjo Merano on how to cook Filipino dishes. And I run to the nearest store and meat vendor to buy the ingredients. I follow every process in the video and that’s how I learned how to cook. As much as possible, I try to cook different recipes per day. But there are times when I want to do a repeat because I want to perfect it or my boyfriend requests for me to cook it again.

Sharing photos of some dishes that I cooked.

Sweet and Sour Pork. This is my boyfriend’s favorite
Pininyahang Manok (Chicken in Pineapple Sauce)
Pork Giniling with Quail Eggs (Minced Pork and Tomato Sauce Stew)
Pork Menudo
Chicken Adobo
Ginisang Repolyo (Sauteed Cabbage with Pork)
Beef Sinigang (Beef in Tamarind Broth)

I’m salivating as I type this. LOL. I’m actually considering to put up a food business in the future. I hope to learn many more recipes soon.


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