Closely compacted

Looked over my instagram feed for pictures that I want to submit to the topic “Dense” – Weekly Photo Challenge for March 29, 2017.  I don’t use the word Dense in my vocabulary and I had to google it to get the right meaning. Although I have an idea what it means but I just want to be sure. It means “closely compacted in substance” or “stupid.”

Not sure if I have a picture that tells of stupid but I do have several photos which falls right on the closely compacted description:

Rubber duckies at a fair
Life does not always move in straight lines. It moves in lazy detours.

I thought of posting pictures of people here in Metro Manila because it’s a densely populated capital city with 20,785 persons per square kilometer. Traffic on the road is so heavy during rush hour and queues snake around in train stations and jeepney and shuttle van terminals. Sometimes I do not wish to go out especially on weekends because it can get crowded in malls. I’m really contemplating to move somewhere else.



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