Pup invasion

Just a few days ago, Dom and my nephew woke me up to tell me that they found a puppy outside our gate. I asked whose dog it is but they said they don’t know. I assumed it’s the neighbor’s because I heard a puppy whimper the other day.


The neighbors leave the puppy in their garage before going to work. But since the puppy is so small, it could sneak out of the gate onto the street. Since my boyfriend is a dog lover, he pleaded to adopt it. I said we need to return it to the owners when they come home from work. He took the day off from work to make the most of their limited time together. He fed the pup and bathed him because he was infested with lice. We gave him a name: Koykoy Palaboy because palaboy means stray. My boyfriend is so hooked and I have to agree he is very adorbs.


But like everything that isn’t yours, you have to return it when you found it. We gave it back to our neighbor when he got home from work and he acted like he wasn’t worried one bit that his puppy sneaked out of his property. He even said he’ll leave the pup in the garage again the next day as if telling us to adopt Koykoy during the times he’s away. WOW! Very irresponsible dog owner; I wanted to report him to PAWS.

Of course, the next day came Koykoy again on our gate and we brought him inside so he would not suffer from heat stroke. Poor puppy! If only we could adopt him and bring him with us when we move to another house, but we couldn’t. Also, it’s additional responsibility on our part so I’d have to say no to pet adoption at this time. We will just do what we can to help.


Author: carl

30 something guy blogging about his life

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