70 words per minute

Typing my way now in life 70 words per minute at a time.

Back in my second year in high school (and this was in the 90s), we had a typing class in our curriculum. I don’t remember exactly the time and day of our typing class every week was but I do remember we had to move from our homeroom to the typing room in our gymnasium building.

My high school experience wasn’t exactly the greatest as opposed to other people saying it was the best years of their lives. I was bullied, I didn’t know who I was, I struggled academically, etc., but I enjoyed the extra-curricular activities in my school and then this class: TYPING.

I learned the proper placements of fingers on the typewriter keys. We had typing lessons every week and then we get blindfolded for the typing exercises. I remember our strict teacher hitting the hands of my classmates with a stick every time fingers are not placed correctly. I don’t remember ever being hit by the teacher. I was always one of the few to volunteer to do the exercises.

Now, whenever I see people with incorrect finger placements as they type, I feel a little bit fortunate that I was trained to type right and fast. I’m not saying this to feel smug about my typing skills but rather I feel this is advantageous for me as I parlay my skills into transcription work. This is something that I can exploit and make a living out of.

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Author: carl

30 something guy blogging about his life

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