Over the years, the freelance job industry is growing and booming. There are people who quit their 9-to-5 jobs and jumped into freelancing online because of the flexibility and scheduling freedom it gives. Technically, a freelancer is self-employed. But in essence when a client gives someone a job order, the client becomes the boss and the freelancer is still the employee. They are bound to deliver the task on hand in the allotted agreed deadline.

Zero earnings so far

Applying for freelance jobs online is just as difficult as applying for jobs in the real-world. How can you get experience if they clients will not try your services. How can you prove yourself if others won’t believe in you. They prefer well-sought and experienced freelancers than newbies in the freelance job market.

Personally, I want to do freelance work because I don’t want to deal with the stress of driving to work and the limited parking space and exorbitant fees for whole day parking. I can do data entry and transcription services, customer service, admin support, web research, and some writing gigs. I’m still trying to bid for jobs and hopefully I get my break soon so I can start a legit career out of freelancing.


Author: carl

30 something guy blogging about his life

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