Cooking it up

Been a while WP. I haven’t posted anything here for 3 months. I know, I am so inconsistent like that.

Since I have nothing to write or share yet, might as well post some photos of the things that I have been up to.

Beef with broccoli

Since Dom is living here with me in Millbrae temporarily, my interest in home cooking have upped a notch. Thanks to youtube I can just watch how dishes are cooked and surprisingly, I am able to come up with delectable food. Not the best of tastes but good enough. I am far from satisfied from my cooking.

Pork stir fry

I plan to enroll in a cooking class soon. Not culinary levels, just the cheap ones wherein they teach the basics. I am not planning to make this a career anyway. Just an additional life skill.

Monggo with pork and chicharon

It feels good when Dom tells me it’s delicious. I feel validated but at the same time I hardly believe him because I am critical of myself like that. I am not satisfied and I feel that I could have done more to make it more delicious like the pros in the kitchen.

Chicken curry

I have friends who ask me to cook for them. Cheko wants to try my spaghetti. Cherry wants to taste my beef caldereta. I want to cook for them but I just need to find the time.

Beef caldereta

I am amazed at how I was able to cook those dishes considering the fact that growing up I hated anything kitchen-related. I never tried to learn to cook. It’s a mess when I attempt to cook a dish. I only learned to cook rice and fry egg, hotdogs and bacon. I was contented with eating out and ordering food. It’s always ready-to-eat for me.

Back then, when I was still single, I wished to have a boyfriend/partner who knows how to cook because they cannot definitely rely on me for that. But what do you know? How times can sometimes force you to change.


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30 something guy blogging about his life

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