34th Birthday

So it’s my 34th birthday finally. I always get sad whenever it’s my birthday. I wonder if people ever remember me. This year I hid my birthday in my FB and inisip ko sino sa mga friends ko would remember. Turns out not many. Maybe I’d get more greetings later in the day. But I was right that people won’t remember if there is no FB notification.

Anyway, I didn’t have a plan in celebrating my birthday. I had no reason to celebrate. Wala rin naman akong pera. Inisip ko lang to spend it with Dominic, have buffet dinner and drinks. But since wala nga akong pera, I wasn’t so sure matutuloy yun.

A day before my birthday, nag away na naman kami ni Dom. Told him I am so tired of the fights and I want out already. But tonight he surprised me. A little past midnight, he called to meet him outside my house. He travelled from MOA to Bicutan just to bring me a gift – an Umbro sports shoes that I can use when I play Volleyball or Badminton. Natouch ako sa effort. I know wala sya trabaho to buy me a gift. He said pinag ipunan nya daw para he can give me something on my birthday! Sweet!

I decided to have drinks with him at BPs para we can make salubong and celebrate my birthday. We had a bucket of San Mig Light and several Japanese food – tuna sashimi, spicy tuna maki and japanese pork bbq.

We talked about us and he told me not to give up. He asked me what my birthday wish is and I told him I wish that I can become independent from my family financially. I wish na sa 34th year ko on Earth, I can finally start to provide for myself and Dom. I wish to start a business starting on my 34th year.

I am so thankful for Dom. I feel so lucky na this guy does not want to give up on me kahit na marami kami differences, career problems and conflicts sa personality and attitude.

He made my 34th birthday so special! ❤


Author: carl

30 something guy blogging about his life

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